FAQ – Operations | GED Operations

How do I register a GED® Profile?
Go to www.myged.com, click on the “Sign Up” tab. Please ensure that you always have access to the email address you use as the username, as this is where your diploma and transcript will be emailed to once you have passed all your tests. When registering your profile, it is vital that your profile matches your ID exactly, as these are the details that will be printed on your GED Diploma and Transcript.

Where do I find my GED® ID number?
When you log into your GED.com profile, on the Dashboard page, click on PROFILE. Here you will find your GED® ID number.

I have forgotten my GED.com profile login details
Please click on ‘Forgot my password’ on the login page.

I no longer have access to the email account that I used to set up my GED.com profile
Please do not register a second profile as your profile will be blocked, and you will not be able to schedule exams. Email help@ged.com and explain that you no longer have access to that email account. In the email you need to include the following information:
· Name and Surname
· The old email address
· ID Number
· Certified copy of ID

I have an eligibility alert on my GED.com profile and cannot book my exam?
Eligibility Alerts occur because you have created more than one GED.com profile. The GED® will need to merge these accounts. You must email help@ged.com directly and provide them with your name, GED ID number and a scanned copy of your ID.

I have an age alert on my GED.com profile and can not book my exam?
Age Alerts occur because you are under the age of 18, irrespective of your country’s testing age. You must download the consent form from your ged.com profile. Your parent or legal guardian must complete it, you then scan and email it to help@ged.com.

I have a Jurisdiction Manual Review alert on my GED.com profile and can not book my exam ?
Jurisdiction Manual Review Alerts occur when you create a new profile. This requires the GED® to verify your name, surname and birth date. You must email a scanned copy of your ID document to support@ged.org.za, you will be notified once the verification has been done and the alert has been approved.

What do I do if I have not received any feedback to my query from help@ged.com?
If you have not received any feedback from help@ged.com after 5 working days, you can forward the email that you sent to us using support@ged.org.za and we will escalate your query with America.