After the GED

I Have Graduated, I Got My GED®, Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve hit a major milestone in your educational journey – you’ve obtained your GED®! But, like many, you might be asking, “What’s next?” In this increasingly digital era, there are numerous exciting avenues you can explore. 

One enticing possibility is furthering your education online. Take, for instance, the University of the People (UoPeople). As the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited online university, UoPeople offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in business administration, computer science, health science, and education. Here, you have the opportunity to learn from world-class professors, connect with students from around the globe, and enhance your career prospects without burdening yourself with student loans. 

UoPeople’s flexible learning environment allows you to study at your own pace, making it an excellent choice if you want to balance your education with work or other commitments. With the accessibility and diversity of their courses, you’re sure to find a program that aligns with your academic and career goals.

Beyond full degree programs, there are short courses available that can augment your skill set in specific areas. Essential Education, for instance, offers courses designed to develop practical, career-oriented skills. Dream Catcher will help you identify your passions and career goals, paving the way for a fulfilling future, while Work Essentials will equip you with vital workplace skills, from effective communication to time management, essential for success in any profession. Money Essentials will empower you to make smart financial decisions, enabling you to build a stable and prosperous financial future. Lastly, Computer Essentials provides the tech proficiency necessary in today’s digital world, granting you the confidence to navigate various software and applications. Each of these Essential Education courses will not only complement your GED achievement but also set you on a path toward a brighter and more prosperous future.

Alternatively, you could be venturing into a creative industry or developing a new hobby. Websites like Coursera and Udemy host thousands of courses on everything from graphic design and creative writing to coding and cooking. These platforms are ideal for exploring your passions or dabbling in new areas of interest without a significant time commitment. 

You could also consider obtaining professional certifications. For example, Google offers certifications in areas like IT support, project management, and data analytics. These courses are designed by industry professionals and offer a direct path to career readiness, preparing you for roles in high-demand fields. 

If you’re more inclined towards entrepreneurship, consider diving into resources like the Small Business Administration’s Learning Center. It provides free courses on starting, managing, and growing a business, ideal for those who dream of launching their own venture.

Alternatively, you might decide that now is the time to dive into the workforce. Your GED opens doors to numerous entry-level positions. To enhance your employability, consider doing internships or volunteer work in your field of interest. This real-world experience can be invaluable when applying for future jobs or deciding which career path is right for you.

In conclusion, obtaining your GED is just the beginning of your educational journey. Whether you choose to pursue further education, start a business, or dive straight into the workforce, remember that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Take advantage of the wealth of resources available, continue to challenge yourself, and never stop exploring your interests and passions. The world is your oyster, and with your GED in hand, there’s no limit to where your journey can lead.