Transcript | GED Transcript

Making scores easier to understand

The Transcript levels the playing field for GED® test graduates. For the first time, colleges can see the skills a graduate demonstrated and the meaning behind the scores to better understand his/her accomplishments.

Once a student has passed all four of the GED® tests, he/she will receive an Official GED® Transcript and Diploma via email. The transcript lists the test scores for each subject. This official transcript and diploma are printed on copy-safe paper with a raised seal. Any attempt to fax, copy or scan an official GED® transcript or diploma will result in that reproduction being watermarked as an ‘UNATHORIZED COPY’.

Should you need a copy of either your GED® transcript or diploma sent to someone, such as a university admission officer or SAQA, you can request this, at a minimal fee, through your official GED® profile on