For any GED® graduate who would like to apply to the NQA for a Certificate of Evaluation, we have provided the process below.

Step 1. Please visit www.namqa.org for the application documents.

Step 2. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a letter from NQA as per the example below:

NQA Picture 1

Step 3. Log into your GED.com profile at www.myged.com

SAQA Picture 4

SAQA Picture 5

Step 4. Open your dashboard and click on the “My scores” tab at the top of the page, and then click on “Order duplicates”.

SAQA Picture 6

Step 5. Select the document you would like to receive.

SAQA Picture 7

Step 6. Click on “Send to third party”.

SAQA Picture 8

Step 7. Select “e-Transcript”.

SAQA Picture 9

Step 8. Complete the “order options” with the NQA details as per the letter in Step 2.

NQA Picture 2

Step 9. Click on “Continue”.

SAQA Picture 11

Step 10. Click on “Checkout”.

SAQA Picture 12

Step 11. Click on “Next”.

SAQA Picture 13

Step 12. Proceed to payment. NB: Payment can only be done with a credit card.

You have now completed the process.

Please note that GED® South Africa is not able to guarantee that the NQA will issue a Certificate of Evaluation to every student. The NQA reviews each application on an individual basis and it is at their discretion. This process is correct at time of publishing (11 December 2019).