For any GED® graduate who would like to apply to SAQA for a Certificate of Evaluation, please follow the process below. 

Step 1. Watch the SAQA instructional video below.

Step 2. Click on the URL

Follow the application steps as per the instructional video.

Please remember to upload the following documents in PDF Format:

  • A printout of the application form, bearing the signature of the qualification holder and date of submission.
  • Proof of the payment due to SAQA. This MUST bear the on-line submission as reference.
  • A readable certified copy of a valid ID document (or passport, or asylum seeker permit) for the Qualifications Holder.
  • A signed Consent form.
  • Consent form signed by the Qualification Holder, authorising SAQA to verify authenticity.
  • Qualification documents that meet the requirements stated on the document After your online application.

N.B: Applicants will not receive any refunds in respect of non-compliant applications if they do not fix those within the time allowed.

SAQA is now able to internally verify your GED® credentials directly on the GED® system. You are therefore no longer required to order the third party verification to be sent directly from America to SAQA.

NB: Only applications that are complete with applicable requirements will be accepted.

Please note that GED® South Africa is not able to guarantee that SAQA will issue a Certificate of Evaluation to every student. SAQA reviews each application on an individual basis and it is at their discretion. This process is correct at time of publishing (15 July 2021).