Student Success Stories

The GED Test changes lives

The GED® serves the purpose of making it possible to earn the equivalent of a secondary school leaving certificate to facilitate employment or entry to further studies.

Here is what is some of our students and parents had to say…

“My journey with the GED started when I realised that I needed a qualification equivalent to Grade 12, but which could be internationally acknowledged.
I will recommend GED to any student who wished to achieve their NQF4.”
Jules Labuschagne

“By passing the GED, it has helped me strive to do better in my career and learn more about what I could do to improve and achieve”

“The GED has helped me present my best self to the world and remember it is never too late to achieve what you want in life.”

“The GED is a fantastic pathway for me to fulfil and achieve my dreams.”

“The GED was the best fit for me and my career path.”

“I’m looking forward to changing my life and be the person I’ve always wanted to be. No one in this life can take away your education, and no one can decide what you can accomplish in life.”

“GED is an incredible program for people who want to make better decisions in their lives, and it also tests your ambition. Always put forth your best effort, and you will find your way.”

“GED was an amazing journey that opened many great career opportunities; it is very straightforward to study, and everyone can achieve this.”